MOT failures

Unipart brakes

Published:  01 July, 2013

When replacing brake pads, Unipart says they should only be replaced in axle sets and the same applies to the discs which should be checked every time you replace the pads. Braking issues continue to affect MOT failure rates and although a vehicle's brakes are deemed safe on the day, if pads are wearing low, workshops need to ensure customers realise they will not be safe for the year ahead - giving garages an opportunity to up sell and get the customer back for repairs.

The range of brake parts available from Unipart covers 99% of the UK car parc and includes pads, discs and brake fluid. When testing the brake fluid boiling point, if it is between 230-270 ºC it is OK, if it stands around 200 ºC it should be checked again in three months and if it is 170 ºC or below, it needs to be changed. If you do not have a tester available, most VMs suggest changing it after 18-24 months or at a specific mileage point.

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