A massive saving

Wheel balancer from Proalign

Published:  07 December, 2013

Wingerworth Tyres bought a Hunter wheel balancer which features SmartWeight wheel balancing, from Pro-Align back in 2007 and data from the equipment has shown that since its installation, the Derbyshire business has saved more than 800Kg of unnecessary balance weights at an estimated cost of £6,000, factoring in labour savings, the saving amounts to £10,000. Unlike conventional balancers, SmartWeight calculates the imbalance forces separately and a combined correction balance weight is recommended to bring the balance within toilerance. This method is quicker and requires less balance weights. "As wheel design has evolved, the traditional method of applying clip on weights to the rim flange has virtually disappeared," explains Paul Beaurain, MD of Pro-Align, "Instead, adhesive weights are now placed on the inside of the rim but the downside to this is that it takes longer and uses more weight. However, as proven by this SmartWeight unit, there is a way to combat this and save workshops serious amounts of time and money and it comes as no surprise that Wingerworth tyres replaced this unit with a newer GSP9200 model."

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