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66 applications join Denso range of filters

Published:  24 July, 2012

A further 66 applications have been added to Denso’s cabin air filters catalogue and include the BMW X1, Ford C-Max, Hyundai i10, Skoda Yeti and Citroen DS4. The range now comprises 309 part numbers, covering more than 1,200 applications – 80% if the European car parc. It is detailed in full in the 2012/13 catalogue.

The programme features particle filters and combination filters and are made to the same specification as original equipment. The filters contain up to five layers, trapping almost 100% of pollutants and particles. Manager Paul Payne comments: “We recommend that every cabin air filter should be replaced at least once a year, every 10,000 -15,000km, or as specified by the vehicle manufacturer, to ensure optimum efficiency and hygienic air quality.”

No special tools are required to install them and a replacement should take fifteen minutes.

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