Carlube? Well, oil be blowed!

Carlube oils from Tetrosyl

Published:  29 April, 2010

rong>The bods at Tetrosyl have obviously been busy recently with 3 new oils to choose from.

/>First up there’s the EP75w90 semi-synthetic gear oil that comes in a hefty 199-litre barrel. It covers a number of viscosities, including the 75w80,  75w85 and 80w90 gra

/>Next up is the Triple R 15w40 semi-synthetic turbo diesel engine oil. The low SAPS 15w40 formulation means it is suitable for cars fitted with exhaust after-treatment devi

/>Finally, there’s also a 5w30 fully-synthetic long-life engine oil out now. It’s aimed at high performance and high mileage petrol and diesel engines running on extended service interva

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