Bhp boost - torque to me!

Unichip offers power boost on Nissan 350Z

Published:  09 June, 2010

rong>Tuning firm Unichip Europe has unveiled a U-connect Unichip ECU for the Nissan 350Z. The plug-and-play device aims to boost power by 20 bhp and raise peak output from 264 to 284 bhp.

/>The company also claims torque increases of 26 ft-lb, bringing the total from 236 to 262 ft-lb. “The Nissan coupe is a popular choice for tuning enthusiasts and the Unichip Uni-Q provides the perfect engine management solution on a vehicle that cannot be remapped using OBD flash programming,” said a spokes

/>Suitable for all models produced from 2003 to 2009 and carrying part number PPNIS01.0, the Nissan 350Z Unichip U-Connect package is available now from one of 28 Unichip dealers across the United Kingd

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