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Reisse warns on dangers of oil filter neglect

Published:  20 August, 2010

rong>Filter company Reisse is urging mechanics not to neglect regular oil filter changes. The firm is stressing the importance of regular filter changes at the same time as standard oil changes.

/>“If the filter is not replaced at regular intervals it will become clogged with contaminants and fail to function correctly,” said Reisse product manager Pete Davis. He said the warning was particularly important at the time of an oil change. “Clean oil can gather contaminants including dust, metal shavings, condensation and antifreeze as it circulates through the engine to the sump,” added a company spokesman. “The function of the oil filter is to clean the oil, removing these contaminants on the way from the sump back to the engine. This prevents contaminants from damaging the engine without restricting the flow of oil.R

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