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OmiCheck service tool from Omitec

Published:  21 January, 2011

rong>This nifty piece of kit communicates with the on-board computer and once faults are identified and repaired, resets the warning light - an essential service tool for today's garage.

/>Applications cover ABS, airbag and climate control.  It also covers the electronic park brake; releasing the brake calipers when replacing brake pads.  The EOBD application monitors emission data, clears fault codes and a fault code library is included. A service reset application clears the dashboard indicator and an important use of this is when resetting the steering the steering angle sensor to make sure the vehicle drives in a straight line when tracking has been checked.&#

/>The tool also has a tyre pressure monitoring application, vital for any workshop involved in removing wheels from a vehicle, registering a new valve or re-registering the location of a wheel should it be moved. The OmiCheck service tool can be upgraded to the Professional model which has more in-depth applications and manufacturer-specific fault diagnosis.&#

/>The OmiCheck Service and the OmiCheck Professional both have the advantage of never switching off.&#

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