Beat the clock as Top Tech moves up a gear

Did you pass the first quiz? Then it's  time for round two

Published:  04 April, 2017

The first exciting round of Top Technician 2017 has closed, and those 250 lucky candidates that passed with the highest scores now have just a few weeks to complete round two.

If you passed, and we emailed you, make sure to take the second test before 10 April. That's only a few days after this issue of Aftermarket came out. So if you are reading this instead of doing the test, go and do it now! We'll still be here when you get back.

Those invited to take round two will need to pass 20 multiple choice questions. They are more complex than what you will have seen in the first round.

At the semi-finals, the top ten are invited to take five 20 minute challenges on a range of vehicles, with tasks set by our panel of judges. The top five high scorers are then invited to the live final on 13 July where they must compete five 50 minute tasks to compete in a full-day.

The Top Technician final is taking place at the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills in Southam, Warwickshire.

The winner of Top Technician 2017 will be announced at Top Technician Live on Saturday 16 September, our full-day training event that includes both practical and classroom based sessions. We will announce how to obtain tickets very shortly. Top Technician entrants receive a 25% discount on the price.

Top Technician Live will take place on Saturday16 September at the Henry Ford Academy in Daventry. This is an exciting new venue for the competition which enables us to deliver a fantastic event.

As a result of the location, Top Technician Live is able to offer an exclusive Ford technical seminar - This is a rare opportunity and you will want to make sure you take part.

Top Technician Live offers workshop owners and technicians a full day of technical and business advice and the opportunity to network with technicians from across the UK.

Seminars during the day will provide an opportunity to find out the latest developments relevant to our sector.

New additions to the line-up are being added. David Massey from Autoinform has confirmed, and he will be able to share his diagnostics wisdom with attendees.

The Automotive Glazing Academy will also be on hand, giving delegates the opportunity to find out the latest on windscreen and glass technology.

They join Andy Savva, Steve Smith from Pico and Rob Lewis, along with Peter Coombes and a host of companies you will definitely want to see.

Commenting on the venue, Aftermarket editor Alex Wells says: "The Henry Ford Academy is a great venue for Top Technician Live. Its mix of classrooms and a huge workshop area make it ideal to hold an event that combines the kind of large-group sessions with smaller seminars and break-out groups that we know makes for a satisfying and well-rounded event."

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