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Aftermarket tester takes a look at the Snap-on Modis Ultra

Published:  19 June, 2014

Tool: Snap-on Modis Ultra

Tester: Robin Salmons of Watson Service Station

Included with the Modis Ultra is the OBD II cable required to link into vehicles. Our system worked straight from the box, with no detailed set-up procedures required. One thing you will notice when using it is just how quick the device is. The Modis Ultra turns on and loads up almost instantly [five seconds according to Snap-on - Ed] and will integrate and scan almost as quickly. Prior to this we had been using a Snap-on Solus for around eight years and the Modis Ultra is probably around ten times quicker.

Probably one of the more obscure repairs we have used the device for was on a Land Rover Freelander, which arrived in our workshop with the customer stating that the door mirrors no longer folded in. We were able to plug the Modis Ultra into the OBD port and very quickly and easily select the vehicle, then select the body menu and the sub-section for mirrors. On this occasion it came up with no stored codes, so the ECU had not logged a code, however, we were able to check and come to this resolution quickly and move on to other potential areas that could be causing the problem.

Another area we have found the Modis Ultra to be useful is in the resetting of service indicator lights. On some vehicles, notably Mercedes, it is a long-winded process of holding down buttons for set periods while doing other things. With this device, you have the option for service reset, so when plugged in you can tell it what to do, for example, reset standard service indicator, saving a lot of running around.

One area we have not used but I am looking forward to is the ability to program transponders on Vauxhall keys. It is quite expensive taking these direct to Vauxhall. We haven't had the chance to explore the feature completely yet.

The unit is often upgraded and we will see what else is added. Technology is so quick and vehicle manufacturers are changing their specifications quickly, so the ability to update the software is good. This is done by our Snap-on representative when they visit the site, so there is little to no downtime due to the device being sent off for upgrade.

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