Lesser known A/C faults

Garry Lovett from Snap-on Diagnostics uncovers the dark side of air con

Published:  17 May, 2013

By Garry Lovett

It is also worth mentioning a couple of slightly different faults, on systems with twin fans fitted - one in front and one behind the condenser - check the cooling fans have been fitted the correct way around, especially after accident repair work. The motors and wiring may look exactly the same but the fans operate in different directions, which can result in overheating of the refrigerant gas. This has been known to cause over pressurisation of the system which can result in refrigerant leakage from safety valves and can even blow seals when stationary.

Economy mode is employed by certain manufacturers and has the potential to affect the air conditioning. If the vehicle's charging system is malfunctioning and is subsequently not providing sufficient voltage, all non-essential systems will be shut down in a controlled manner. This includes the air conditioning. The alternator and battery state are not something you normally check when looking for air conditioning faults!

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