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Data giant moves its product online and introduces two new packages...

Published:  07 January, 2014

Tech info firm Autodata is set to move to the 'cloud'. The firm is set to move its product away from the CDs, downloads and printed books of the past and into an era where the information is delivered over the web.

Existing subscribers needn't be too scared though because while the new 'user interface' looks different, the information itself is substantially the same - albeit with more updates. The way that the info is presented has been designed so the user can get to what they need straight away, without having to plug through reams of what isn't needed.

The new product will be officially launched in December 2013 and will be available at two levels. The first is to be known as the 'Service & Maintenance Package' which offers information needed to carry out day to day servicing and maintenance including manufacturers' service schedules, illustrations, timing belts and chains.

The other offering will be called the 'Repair & Diagnostic Package'. This will include all in-depth and detailed diagnostic procedures, instructions and illustrations to carry out more complex jobs including diagnostic trouble codes, known fixes and bulletins and wiring diagrams, in addition to the information supplied in the Service & Maintenance package.

According to the company, the new software will also help workshops quote job times more accurately and business management tools built into the interface will help smaller garages keep on top of bookings - although Autodata are quick to point out that the package is not intended to be a substitute for a garage management system.

Speaking at the launch, the firm's chief executive Rod Williams, said: "Our heritage and ability to innovate are at the core of the new product". Talking about the way in which the information is presented and how it may attract new users, he added: "More than ever, we can provide workshops and other motoring organisations - such as fast-fit chains and dealer networks - with a product that saves time, boosts professionalism and increases profit margins."

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