Stay lubricated: Reminder on regular fluid and filter changes

Published:  23 April, 2018

Launch UK is reminding technicians of the importance of carrying out regular fluid and filter changes at 75,000 miles, or 50,000 miles for vehicles used in arduous conditions.

Dave Richards, Launch UK managing director commented:“Some transmissions are electronically controlled to optimise shift quality and feel, with transmission fluid playing a major part and indeed now being regarded as a component of the transmission. Clutch slip controlled by solenoids allows the shift to complete jerk free in milliseconds, made possible using sophisticated ‘additive packs’ within the base oil, the contents of which are often a closely guarded secret. Therefore, it is best to use the original manufacturers fluid, or one specifically approved by them.

“Over time the fluid and additives deteriorate, causing carefully engineered friction coefficients and viscosity to alter. This can lead to harsh engagements and rough or slipping shifts as the critical, controlled clutch slip no longer responds as designed. Ultimately, premature and expensive transmission failure is likely.”

The only practical way to carry out this service and ensure a 99% fluid exchange is by using dedicated equipment such as Launch UK’s CAT501S according to Dave: “Using the CAT501S along with a simple transmission maintenance schedule will keep optimum transmission performance, and help protect from failure.”

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