Klarius increases UK manufacturing capacity

Published:  13 July, 2018

Recent investment has provided Klarius with increased manufacturing capacity for automotive OEM and aftermarket emission control products including exhausts, CATs and DPFs.

Klarius has invested over £1million in the business in 2017 - 18 and has won a series of major UK and overseas supply contracts over the period.

"Demand is being driven by both the UK market and export growth" said Business Development Director Paul Hannah. "The aftermarket is changing rapidly and while quality is still very important, once the required standards and certifications have been met, the focus is all on range and availability.

“This is equally true of both the UK and continental markets where distribution organisations, buying groups and factors are working with manufacturers such as ourselves to optimise the supply chain. It has been successful to such an extent that garages can now access all the products they need in a matter of hours.”

Klarius has been investing in the product manufacturing life-cycle. Its R&D department has moved into purpose-built design offices and engineering facilities. The company also manufactures and overhauls its machine tools via group company KMT. It also operate its own logistics operation via the AutoLogistiks brand.

"We are in a strong position to deliver the quality standards, the volumes and the range required by both the original equipment market and the aftermarket here in the UK and across Europe," concluded Paul Hannah.

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