Meet Top Technician 2018 winner Shaun Miller

Published:  02 October, 2018

How does it feel to be Top Technician 2018?

It feels absolutely wicked. - it still hasn't fully sunk in. I know people say it and it is a cliché, but it 's true. Sometimes I am working on a car, and then I think 'blow me, I've won Top Technician'.  It's mad. When I first started I saw the competition in Aftermarket magazine and I thought ‘I could never win that,' and  now I have. It is a lifetime achievement for me. I was in tears up at the final. I wanted to be the best I could, and this year I am technically the best.

What has the reaction been like back at Millers Garage?

I think the guys in the workshop seem to have anew found respect for me. They knew I was technically quite good, but now I hear them saying 'wow, he's gone and done it!'


What do you think has got you here? Training, training and more training, basically. Obviously I said thanks to dad when I won, and that was the platform that allowed me to do it. That training costs a lot of money. To get me here was probably 10 years of training, proper diagnostic training that cost thousands of pounds. Bosch were  a big part of it, which is where I met John Batten, who has been my biggest inspiration. Going way back before then I was inspired by James Dillon and Frank Massey, and then I met people like David Massey, and I was even more inspired. You just wanted to be around better and better people. Training is what has made this happen.

What would you say to anyone thinking about taking part in Top Technician? 100% do it!. Whether you think you're not good enough, you are only going to get better at it. When I first started, I probably thought I was quite good, then I realised I didn't know as much as I thought. For me it was not negative, as I realised that I needed to practice and study. It was something to look forward to every year - I got through this round, let's do some more training. I got through that round, but I need to look at this other areas as I got all those questions wrong. Year by year you start to notice that you breeze through where previously you would have struggled. Anyone who wants to be better, do it. It can only be a positive experience.

Plans for the future? I'd love to come back as a judge. In a way it is bittersweet as, like Karl said last year, you won, but you are gutted because you can't do it next year. Just being around those people is really cool, so it would be great to come back as a judge.



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