A word with Top Garage 2018 winners Cedar Garage

Published:  02 October, 2018

Kevin Pearce from Cedar Garage explained the impact of winning Top Garage 2018:


How does it feel to be Top Garage?

It feels brilliant to be fair. We are very proud of everything we have achieved with all the guys. It shows that all the hard work and the dedication to the vision that we had is being recognised now, which is good. I hope it will inspire other garages to think and improve on all the little things which make a big difference.


Would you recommend taking part in Top Garage to other businesses? Absolutely 100% yes.   I didn't really know what to expect. We learned a lot from the process to be honest. Even answering the three essay questions, trying to really think about what it is that we do, the video that highlighted even to us how all the technicians feel about the place as well, that shows that we are all  aligned  with what we are trying to do?


Cedar Garage has a team member who regularly enters Top Technician. Do you think the business is learning through Top Garage the same way an individual tech would through Top Technician? Definitely yes - the interviews with the four judges has given us more inspiration to improve on the areas where we need to improve on. The questions being asked provoke thought. That will definitely help me to think more about what it is that we are doing and still allow us to improve. We might have won Top Garage, but we don't think we are the perfect garage. There is always room for improvement, and hopefully this will allow us to grow and grow.

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