Klarius: engine maintenance and service fluids

Published:  05 November, 2019

Klarius Products' range of automotive maintenance products has grown with the addition of new engine fluids. Klarius engine flush is designed to purge sludge and carbon from the engine prior to adding new oil. Suitable for the oil systems of either petrol or diesel cars, the flush helps to stabilise cylinder compression, extends the service life of exhaust devices and reduces emissions while lowering fuel and oil consumption. Petrol System Cleaner removes varnish and gum from the fuel system. When added to a half full tank, the fluid clears EGR valves and tackles carbon deposits. Diesel System Cleaner is used in the same manner, helping to clean injectors, compression rings and valve seats. Completing the range is DPF Regeneration Aid, which is formulated to allow soot burn off inside the device at lower temperatures. This is useful for diesel vehicles that only conduct short journeys where high regeneration temperatures aren't typically reached, it keeps the DPF filter clear to prevent clogging and power loss.

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