IGA publishes ADAS guide

Published:  29 November, 2019

The IGA has produced an all-round ADAS guide for its membership.

The Garage Guide to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems will be released to all IGA members in the next few days.

This 48-page guide aims at providing clarity around ADAS for garages and includes guidance on identifying these systems and understanding their functions. It contains an outline on the various systems fitted to vehicles, along with the associated components and the symptoms of the systems being out of calibration.

IGA Director Stuart James said: “We have received a great deal of feedback from garage owners that there is a major lack of awareness about ADAS in any form, and a genuine absence of information in the marketplace. We are tackling this shortfall head on for the good of the industry with this latest garage guide.

Stuart added: “Our guide has been designed as a point of reference to provide an all-round view of ADAS, so garages can be confident when vehicles come in for repair.”

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