TMD Friction launches anti-counterfeit seal

Published:  04 December, 2019

Textar has launched a new anti-counterfeit safety seal for its packaging.

Starting with passenger car packaging, all Textar products will be secured with a PROriginal, seal that must be removed before opening. The seal features a QR code and a twelve-digit alphanumeric code, which are both uniquely associated with the product. This allows the customer to verify authenticity by scanning the QR code with the Textar Brakebook app, or another QR code scanner. Alternatively, the alphanumeric code can be entered on

Once the code has been entered or scanned, the customer receives an immediate response to advise if the part they have is an original Textar product. If the customer has an invalid code or one that has already been scanned, then it is highly likely that the product is a counterfeit and TMD Friction should be informed immediately.

Marco Loth, Vice President Category Management & Engineering at TMD Friction, said: “Counterfeits are becoming an ever-greater threat in the brake industry. They often contain prohibited materials such as asbestos or do not offer the same performance or comfort as original brake pads.”

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