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Darren lifts the lid on some of his favourite JLM products and how he uses them in his own workshop and on test vehicles in the newly formed JLM Academy

Published:  10 December, 2019

By Darren Darling

The JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean Toolkit Pro is always to hand in my workshop. The first vehicle we tested it on at the pre-launch stage was a Seat Leon with severely sticking turbo vanes that were causing instant limp mode due to turbo over boost.
The owner had tried a leading brand of turbo cleaner via the intake but the problem was still there. After data logging we could see there was a major issue. Two hours later and using the Diesel Intake Extreme Clean Toolkit Pro there was no limp mode and normal boost logs. We also tested four vehicles with sticky turbo vanes that were data logged before and after the treatment. On three of them the boost levels came back into spec and out of limp mode.
The other vehicle required a new turbo as it was past the point of no return. Sticking turbo vanes are a common problem on modern vehicles due to a build-up of carbon. Since then we have saved dozens of cars from the scrapyard including a taxi that had failed the new smoke test with the same results despite being fully serviced with a new DPF filter. After treating it with the kit it passed the retest.
With regards to DPFs, the most common misconception is that a DPF showing as faulty is faulty when more often than not it isn’t. It doesn’t require a clean or worst still a replacement which can cost a lot of money. For example, I was asked to clean the DPF on a Ford Transit and replace a faulty temperature sensor. Upon inspection the DPF was clean and the faulty sensor was actually a broken wire so no parts were needed. It can be tempting to blame the DPF when in fact it is a symptom of another problem.
We use the full range of JLM DPF products and one in particular; the Professional Cleaning Toolkit is a real hero product. You can clean a DPF in two hours without removing it. A mechanic who has been turning DPF business away or outsourcing it can keep the DPF business in house thanks to this world class kit.
Many of the DPF doctors in our network choose JLM’s DPF cleaning products because they are effective and because the low temperatures during cleaning make them much safer than cleaning at high temperatures.
The JLM Diesel Extreme Clean is a product that’s used daily in our workshop and we’re seeing the same great results with the petrol product, JLM Petrol Extreme Clean. It’s the answer to late model cars and engines with severe build up and blocking problems in different parts of the fuel system. These contaminants are tough and not easily dissolved with regular fuel additives. The JLM blend comprises multiple super power additives packaged into a highly concentrated 500ml shot for one tank treatment.
Delivering fantastic customer service is an obsession of mine. This means there’s no wriggle room when it comes to the products I use in my workshop. I can only use world class products that have been designed, developed and manufactured for the professional motor mechanic; products that work on the most challenging vehicles – vehicles that have often been misdiagnosed elsewhere so it entails starting from scratch. With JLM Lubricants I have a powerful ally.

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