Coronavirus testing solution: MOT stations?

Published:  02 April, 2020

Garages that are also MOT test centres could offer a practical solution for widespread Coronavirus testing, it has been suggested.

Founder and creator of MOT Juice, Barry Babister, believes MOT Centres across the UK can play a vital part in assisting with localised COVID-19 testing and record keeping, while keeping costs to an audited minimum.

He said: “The government needs to think outside the box when it comes to COVID-19 testing and training, gearing up as many new testers as possible.  We believe that by training already heavily regulated and authorised MOT Testers, essential COVID-19 tests could be carried out within MOT centres.”

According to Barry, the scale of the MOT network, and the regulatory framework it already works within makes it an ideal candidate: “MOT Centres operate using government/DVSA approved and secure data systems that could quickly be adapted to register and deliver COVID-19 testing in the same way vehicle testing is conducted. 

“MOT Centres follow strict Government and DVSA regulations, thus providing a manageable solution to local Coronavirus testing adhering to decrees will not be anything unusual. Each MOT Centre is registered and approved by the Government, with responsible vetted Authorised Examiners typically business owners, who control a workforce of government-approved MOT Testers who are accustomed to working to strict guidelines.”

Barry added: “Training providers already exist to up skill and train MOT Testers via online courses.  The main concern around the testing process was dependent on how well healthcare workers took samples from patients - from the nose and the back of the throat - this is simply a training issue at worst.  The solution is to bring qualified staff, such as retired Nurses and doctors, to MOT Centres to train, assist, oversee and manage testers.”

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