Computer says “oh no” -Online car maintenance queries up 87% as lockdown eases

Published:  05 June, 2020

Garages may be able to pinpoint the kind of post-lockdown work coming through the door, with new research showing that online searches for how to tackle issues with car brakes, batteries and tyres have grown substantially over the last few months

Analysis of search trends data conducted by car leasing provider AMT shows that queries for issues like seized brakes, flat batteries and deflated tyres have massively increased between February and May.

The research shows that drivers are concerned about the repercussions of not using their car regularly, as searches for ‘not using car’ have increased by 85.7% since February, while ‘storing car’ and ‘long term car storage’ terms have risen by 81.8% and 40%.   Most drivers are looking to combat seized brakes with searches up by 90.9%, while queries for a 12V car starter have risen by 75%. It seems that car batteries are a prevalent problem for drivers, with searches for ‘flat battery’ (62.9%), ‘car battery’ (46.9%) and ‘jump leads’ (25.6%) also up. Queries for ‘new car battery’ and ‘car battery online’ have increased by 21.9% and 21.7% respectively.

AMT General Manager Ian Wright observed: “Not taking measures to maintain battery health and tyre condition could lead to garages being overwhelmed as the lockdown eases, and may force drivers to resort to public transport to get to work - against government advice. It’s therefore far preferable for drivers to follow simple car maintenance procedures in order to keep things running smoothly.”

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