Garages eye furlough regional variation to gauge risks

Published:  15 June, 2020

New stats on the furlough could give garages an idea of if their area of the UK is particularly exposed to potential job losses, once the government’s scheme comes to an end in October.

The figures show the uptake of Coronavirus Jobs Retention (CJRS) and Self-Employment Income Support Schemes (SEISS) across the UK’s regions and nations.

There are concerns that once the furlough comes to an end, waves of redundancies and business closures will ensue. Areas where many jobs are being supported by the schemes could experience higher redundancies once that economic funding is removed, which would impact the aftermarket as customers are forced to cut back to only the most essential spending.

Under the CJRS, up until 31 May, more than 6.4 million jobs were furloughed in England, with more than 628,000 jobs furloughed in Scotland, 316,500 in Wales and nearly 212,000 in Northern Ireland.

Under the SEISS, self-employed individuals in Scotland have made 146,000 claims totaling £425 million; 102,000 claims for £273 million made in Wales; 69,000 claims for £198 million in Northern Ireland. From just over 2 million claims in England, the total is nearly £6 billion.

Looking at specific areas, the West Ham and Tottenham Parliamentary Constituencies have the highest number of furloughed employees, with 29,300 and 25,400 respectively. Birmingham and Leeds are the two Local Authorities with the highest number of people on furlough, with 122,800 and 88,200 respectively.

Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff have 58,400, 36,100 and 36,000 on furlough. This compares to 1.075 million in London as a whole.

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