Type Approval consultation: The clock is ticking

Published:  16 June, 2020

 Future access to vehicle data via OBD is one of the  overall vehicle Type Approval rules from September up for discussion, following the release of a consultation document by the Department for Transport (DfT).

The Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations 2020 is due to come into force in September this year, and a consultation on the news rules has been received by the IAAF. 

The IAAF worked in conjunction with FIGIEFA for almost have a decade on the 2018/858 EU Type Approval legislation, and managed to secure what it referred to as “important wording” that included keeping the OBD port open for repair and maintenance information and allowing access to electronically processable information, giving the aftermarket the right to access vehicles in the future.

The OBD port is only legally required to stay open for emissions testing at present.

“It is our understanding that the UK does not need to transpose the regulation in its entirety,” said an IAAF statement, “as EU regulations are still applicable to all members states, including the UK. For the purposes of this piece of legislation the UK are still treated as though we are in the EU. Thus, what is shown in the Road vehicle regulation 2020 is what the UK will undertake specifically on enforcement.”

The IAAF has until Friday 26 June to submit comments. It is asking for any remarks from industry that anyone wishes to be part of the IAAF response to be sent to anns@iaaf.co.uk by Monday 22 June.

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