Push it: Free USB smart button from Yuasa

Published:  09 July, 2020

Yuasa are giving workshops nationwide a free USB smart button that connects users to the company’s battery lookup site.

Garages simply need to plug the smart button into a device’s USB port. When pushed, the smart button provides fast access to the site. Once the correct battery is found, users can download detailed fitting information. This includes the battery location on the vehicle, accurate fitting times and the location of the OBD port if appropriate.

James Douglas, Marketing and Product Manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK said: “Our online battery lookup system is far more than just a battery finder. It is the most powerful, user-friendly and fastest battery lookup resource available anywhere.

“The USB smart button allows users to launch the system in a fast and convenient way, making it perfect for technicians with a busy work schedule.”

James added: “Since its launch in 2012, over 3 million batteries have been found using our trade battery lookup. It is the original and most comprehensive solution available and the most accurate, trusted and well used system in the industry.”

To claim a free Yuasa USB smart button, enter your details at fit.yuasa.com/smartbutton

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