Snap-on adds APOLLO-D8 to online tool matcher

Published:  13 July, 2020

Snap-on has added APOLLO-D8 to the tool matcher feature on its website, designed to help technicians find the right Intelligent Diagnostic tool to meet their needs.

Technicians can click on the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button to complete a short survey about the jobs they perform every day and the features that they use or believe would come in handy. Once they hit the ‘OK’ button, they will receive a recommendation for the right Snap-on Intelligent Diagnostics tool for them, either ZEUS, TRITON-D8, or now APOLLO-D8.

The results give technicians an overview of the product and allows them to watch a video as well as request a demonstration from their franchisee or other Snap-on representative. The tool matcher also provides a comparison of the Intelligent Diagnostics range and shows how the different products increase in features and capabilities.

A spokesman for Snap-on said: “Technicians that use the tool matcher feature will be able to increase their own understanding about the innovation inside Intelligent Diagnostics and how it saves significant time and boosts productivity in their workday, says the company.

“Intelligent Diagnostics are designed to help technicians by guiding them directly to the fix and eliminating guesswork. It anticipates the next move to help them through every step by only displaying information relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code.”

To learn more information about Snap-on Intelligent Diagnostics, visit:

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