Holiday from hell: Quarantine requirement to lead to garage staff shortages?

Published:  17 August, 2020

 This summer holiday season could end up causing more problems for garages than just trying to work out who gets which week to go away, as quarantine requirements and increasing demand mean that businesses may end up facing down a tidal wave of work with just a skeleton staff on hand

The continued easing of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions will mean there are even more reasons for people to drive, meaning more work for garages during an increasingly busy time. However, the potential increase in countries being added to the government’s travel quarantine list could see businesses with staff on holiday abroad not able to get them back in the garage for an extra two weeks.

Since Saturday (15 August), many more businesses and attractions have been allowed to reopen. These included indoor theatres, casinos, music venues, leisure centres, bowling alleys and skating rinks. Beauty salons were also allowed to reopen, and wedding receptions with up to 30 guests can take place.

Meanwhile, the list of countries where  those travelling from abroad to quarantine for two weeks upon return keeps growing. Also on Saturday (15 August), France was added to the list at 4am. Those travelling from other popular destinations including Spain are already required to quarantine for a fortnight upon return. If a country’s infections reach 20 people per 100,000 of population, the government is likely to add it to the list, often with little warning. Those on holiday may not be able to return before a deadline is imposed. Croatia and Greece are also believed to be approaching cut-off levels of Coronavirus infection.

With garages facing a busy September due to the accumulation of MOT work arising from the exemption and the gradual return to something like normality they may  end up entering the period running short-handed.

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