Dayco: NTR kits

Published:  15 October, 2020

Dayco has introduced a number of timing belt kits. KTB917K caters for several Ford and PSA applications, as does KTB967K. Meanwhile, KTB1047 provides coverage for Nissan’s Almera (1995-2000) and Primera (1996-2002).There are also three water pump kits. KTBWP9140K covers the 1.6-litre diesel Ford Focus (2004-2011) and Mini (2006-2010). KTBWP9170K is aimed at Vauxhall’s Crossland and Grandland 1.6-litre diesels (2017-). Meanwhile, KTBWP9670K has been brought out to cover 2.0-litre diesel PSA applications including the 308 (2007-2015), C4 Picasso (2006-2013) and DS5 (2015-18). Another addition is 7PK1457K, a seven ribbed poly-v belt, for the 1.6-litre Honda Civic (2012-2015) and CR-V (2015-2018)

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