New Textar cardboard packaging cuts out 40 tonnes of plastic waste

Published:  29 September, 2020

TMD Friction has developed new corrugated cardboard packaging for its Textar passenger car brake discs, which will save 40 tonnes of plastic each year. The cardboard will replace the plastic film to separate passenger car discs so it will not stick to the brake disc coating.

Commenting on the new packaging, Dalibor Stojnic, Category Manager at TMD Friction said: “More than 400 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide every year, with more than a third of this being used for packaging. By switching to cardboard, we will save almost 40 tonnes of plastic a year in the future, therefore making an important contribution to our environment.

“The workshop also doesn’t have to separate waste, as they can now dispose of all of the empty packaging and send it to be recycled.”

He added: “The packaging has been transition step-by-step since July, meaning plastic-free TMD Friction passenger car brake disc packaging will come onto the market once the existing inventory has been sold.”

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