TMD Friction launches workshop platform: GaraShield

Published:  30 September, 2020

TMD Friction has launched GaraShield, a new software platform designed to help garages document their work.

The new web-based quality process and documentation platform can be used directly on the vehicle, and digitally supports individual work steps.

GaraShield can be integrated into existing IT solutions and information can be made available in real time to everyone involved.

Garage owner David Poole, with his in-depth knowledge of everyday working life in a garage, came up with the idea for the digital tool. He said: “The mechanic working on the lifting platform decides whether a system is good or not. If they are impressed by the processes and the handling, then they will be happy to use it.”

GaraShield aims to help future-proof independent garages by not only helping to increase efficiency, but to also aid new customer business opportunities.

Soeren Kristensen, Vice President Global Marketing and Communication at TMD Friction, said: “As attitudes towards cars change, the fleet business will become increasingly important. Personal contact between the garage and the individual vehicle owners will continue to decline, which means that a key pillar in the customer acquisition process is lost for the independent garages.

“To ensure enough business in the future too, the independents need to win over the fleets, which have very unique requirements when it comes to quality assurance in garages. Transparency is essential if the independent garages are to become an alternative for the fleets in the first place. Only in this way can they prove that they have the required qualifications and work quality, which are the most important criteria when it comes to being competitive.”

Following the Coronavirus crisis, fleet managers have become significantly more aware of costs.  According to Clement de Valon, Executive Vice President Independent Aftermarket, this has created new opportunities for the independent market to get involved in the fleet business: “Additional services such as this new software ensures we are remaining loyal to our long-established market. GaraShield will be sold exclusively through our specialist retail partners. This way, garages won’t have to get used to the language of IT experts first.”

Clement added: “We believe this to be another important step in increasing acceptance at the premises and making it easier for garages to seize new digital opportunities.”

More information about GaraShield can be found at

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