NSK app to combat counterfeit bearings

Published:  28 October, 2020

NSK is fighting back against the manufacture of counterfeit bearings with a new app, which complements an existing app released by the company.

The recently developed ‘NSK Verify’ app already enables customers to assess the authenticity of machine tool bearings by using their smartphones to scan a unique 2D barcode found on the box.

NSK has now also joined forces with the World Bearing Association (WBA) to create another app, WBA Bearing Authenticator: WBA Check, that is applicable to multiple manufacturers. The WBA works globally to enforce the law on counterfeiters and eliminate fake bearings – including through app development. NSK is an active member.

A spokesman for NSK said: “Similar in function to NSK Verify, the WBA Check app assesses the bearing authenticity of WBA member companies by scanning a compatible 2D barcode, making it easier for customers who use bearings from multiple manufacturers. Furthermore, if an unregistered bearing is detected, the app automatically notifies NSK.”

The spokesman added: “NSK wants to protect customers by excluding illegal players and products from the market which have the potential to fail prematurely, most significantly, presenting an inherent safety risk. The aim is to eliminate the counterfeit syndicates, suspend counterfeit manufacturing operations and distribution channels, and take legal action against the perpetrators.

The WBA Check app can be downloaded from the official WBA website at www.stopfakebearings.com/#buysafely

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