No new MOT exemption garages reassured

Published:  03 November, 2020

Garages have continued to be reassured about the ongoing status of the MOT, with a new exemption firmly off the table according to DVSA, as England slides back into lockdown from Thursday (5 November).

Following the weekend announcement of renewed Coronavirus restrictions for England set to last almost a month, it was revealed that garages were once again on the list of essential businesses permitted to remain open.  There remained a question over the ongoing status of the MOT, but DVSA have been quick to clarify that there are no plans for a return of the MOT exemption.

Commenting on the situation, GEA Chief Executive Julian Woods said: “Following the recent announcement from government on the new lockdown rules for England, it is our understanding that all UK garages and MOT sites will be allowed and encouraged to remain open during this period and should operate as normal with the already normal requirements for social distancing.”

Julian added: “The DVSA have advised that they do not intend at this time to exempt any MOTs or give any date extensions to current due dates, they will also expect all MOT equipment to be maintained and calibrated as per normal operation processes.”

The MOT exemption was introduced at the end of March as part of the overall fight against Coronavirus, and was set to be in place for six months. Persistent campaigning from the industry, citing road safety road along with the negative impact on businesses in the sector,  saw it suspended several months early, at the end of July.

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