Motorist EV prejudice holding back growth survey suggests

Published:  03 November, 2020

Motorists are holding back from buying an EV as a result of views based on actually outdated facts, a survey has suggested.

Rivervale asked drivers what they thought about EVs and what they knew about the vehicles and the supporting infrastructure. According to the survey, drivers won’t make the switch because of perceived high costs, a belief that  charging access  is limited and a nagging feeling that EVs offer poor range.

64% think there are less than 20,000 charging points in the UK, when there are actually 34,000. Meanwhile, only 3% know how long an EV battery lasts for, with 85% underestimating the range. 37% said they wouldn’t buy one because of the high cost, despite 90% of new cars being financed.  

Rivervale also analysed tweets about EVs from January to October, and the data revealed that Leeds has the worst view of EVs with 35% of tweets about EVs from the city expressing negative views. They were closely followed by Manchester and Bristol with 34% and 33% respectively. Liverpool is the most forward-thinking city, with 68% of tweets expressing positive feelings about electric vehicles.

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