Nissens to acquire part of AVA Cooling

Published:  01 December, 2020

Nissens is set to buy-up a portion of AVA Cooling from Enterex International Limited Group as part of an overall ongoing plan to grow its engine cooling, A/C and emissions product coverage.

 The deal includes AVA companies in Belgium, Holland, central and eastern Europe, Denmark, as well as the UK. The two companies are also discussing a potential future sale of of AVA Cooling in France too.

Commenting on the deal, Executive Vice President of Nissens Automotive, Klavs T. Pedersen said: “We are very pleased about our announced plans for acquisition, and we look forward to working with the employees and the customers of AVA Cooling.

“We will actively maintain two separate brand lines in the market and build on both the AVA brand and the Nissens brand. AVA Cooling provides a highly suitable response to a growing demand for a reliable and competitive product range for EC and AC applications, not least for the growing demand for aging car park applications. By joining forces with AVA Cooling, we continue to strengthen our service offers to the leading, global players.

Klavs added: “With immediate effect, AVA and Nissens will engage in a process of carefully implementing a smooth merger of AVA’s and Nissens’ business platforms. In this process, there is a strong operational focus on securing that the customers of AVA Cooling will experience no disturbance or impact on their ongoing, daily co-operation with the local AVA subsidiaries.”

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