TPS parts donation ideal Christmas gift for food bank

Published:  03 December, 2020

TPS has brought Christmas cheer to the Mid-Cheshire Food Bank, by helping to keep the charity’s only delivery van on the road through the donation of a new exhaust system.

TPS is part of a trio of benefactors involved, with the Volkswagen Crafter Van paid for by The Holdroyd Foundation and repaired free of charge by Oldham based C&C Vehicle Services, which has also fitted the new exhaust system.

TPS Marketing Manager Michelle Masterton-Smith said:  ”As a Volkswagen Genuine Parts specialist we are pleased to be able to help the Mid-Cheshire food bank with practical support in its hour of need.

“However, our support goes beyond just just providing free parts,  it’s about reaching out to the hearts and minds of our wider network, harnessing the goodwill of our customers and meeting the requirements of  our Genuine Heroes company ethos.

“This is working in partnership with our customers to enable them to be heroes to their customers who are most in need, and so we are delighted in helping the Mid-Cheshire Food Bank get its much needed vehicle back on the road.”

Mark Newnes, Managing Director of Oldham based C & C Vehicle Services, observed: “The Mid-Cheshire Food Bank is a fantastic cause, doing a wonderful job in the community, so when we were approached to help out, we were delighted to get involved.

“As our day to day business is fixing vehicles, that’s where we focused our efforts. We completed all the necessary repair work on the van free of charge and it’s great to see it roadworthy again and ready to begin its vital work in the community.”

Roger Spurling, Trustee of the Mid-Cheshire Food Bank, added: “We are so grateful to The Holdroyd Foundation, C&C Vehicle Services and TPS for their generous donation of the van.

“The van is a huge blessing for us, as it will allow us to pick up food donations from multiple points, such as supermarkets and schools, in one journey.

“We would normally rely on our 120 plus volunteers, many of whom are elderly and retired, to pick-up the donations in their own cars, as well as the completing the food deliveries. However, now we have the van, it will be able to pick up the donations and it will provide a huge boost to our service.”

The Mid-Cheshire Food Bank is part of the Trussell Trust network of food banks. During 2020 it saw a 43%  increase in deliveries. From April to October this year, Mid-Cheshire Food Bank has delivered over 3,000 food parcels to adults and just over 1,800 to children.

They are expecting a huge surge in demand again during the Christmas period, which if projections are correct, will result in around 7 tonnes of food delivered in the past six months.

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