2030: Skills shortage “biggest challenge” says IMI

Published:  07 December, 2020

The IMI has published an open letter in order to highlight the growing skills gap in the sector that is set to be exacerbated by the 2030 deadline for ending the sale of new EVs and hybrids.

The letter, from IMI President Professor Jim Saker and CEO Steve Nash, point out that: “One of the biggest challenges – that no-one’s yet talked about – is how to develop the workforce to service and repair a nation of electric vehicles.”

Through the letter, the IMI is asking government to make it possible for anyone to acquire the skills they need to, while also enabling employers to enter 2021 with the confidence to train and retrain existing employees. The organisation is also calling for the funding to develop fresh talent through apprenticeship opportunities.

The letter goes on to say: “Right now only 5% of the technicians working in garages and dealerships are appropriately qualified to work on these vehicles. This is the real context to the government’s Green Plan.

“Unless we start to discuss these issues, that plan will be compromised and – much more important –the UK won’t meet its net zero targets and we’ll imperil our next generation’s future.

“As a country, we urgently need a concerted, ongoing workforce development strategy.”

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