ADAS: Drivers admit to switching off systems

Published:  22 December, 2020

41% of UK fleet drivers may be routinely switching off ADAS in their vehicles, new research has suggested.

Autoglass performed a survey of 1,387 UK drivers, which found that 41% deliberately switch off systems like autonomous emergency braking or lane deviation warning while driving. 24% said they were not provided with any information about these features and how they work when they had the vehicle handed over to them.  

55% then said they were unaware that they need to be recalibrated when the windscreen is replaced and 52% said the same about body repair work. When asked, two 67% agreed that more education around ADAS is needed.  

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Neil Atherton, Sales and Marketing Director at Autoglass said: “ADAS is becoming more and more common in UK fleets and so more should be done to educate drivers, to encourage positive behaviour and ensure the systems are being used correctly.

“Fleet managers have a responsibility to not only help drivers understand the benefits of these systems but also to review their supply chain to ensure the vehicles are being maintained to the correct standards. It is paramount that fleet managers have a trusted partner who can carry out the recalibrations to industry standards.”

Autoglass has opened 12 new centres this year, including sites in Reading, Derby, Carlisle and Banbury. This takes the total in the UK to 90.

Neil added: “Looking ahead to 2021, we are continuing our plans of opening more centres to ensure we are doing all we can to keep fleet drivers safe on the roads.”

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