Stranger things: Funny finds and peculiar excuses revealed in garage survey

Published:  23 December, 2020

 A mankini, false teeth and a mannequin are among the strangest things garage customers have left in their cars according a new survey, which also identified the most dubious excuses given by customers for faults, including bad advice from YouTube videos.  

On the item list, Pets featured a number of times in the responses to the research from, with garages reporting they found rabbits, a kitten and a dog and even a miniature goat. One garage said they discovered a sleeping baby in the car. When they pointed this out to their customer, they said they didn’t want to disturb their sleeping child.  

The top seven unexpected items found in customer cars were as follows:

1) Miniature goat

2) A sleeping baby

3) A mannequin

4) Edible underwear

5) A mankini

6) A shewee

7) False teeth  

Meanwhile, the top five questionable excuses for vehicle faults were:

1) I watched a video on YouTube on how to fix it

2) The dog ate the seatbelt

3) It’s going for export though, can’t you just pass it?

4) It looked easy when I Googled it

5) I thought it was just a small puddle  

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Jessica Potts, Head of Marketing at, said: “Our cars get used to transport anything and everything - family, friends, pets and of course a whole array of different items. It’s no surprise then that occasionally our garages come across some unexpected findings in customer cars, with some people seemingly very relaxed about what possessions they leave behind.”

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