How to add big bucks to vehicle servicing

Published:  26 January, 2021

Kalimex provide three ways to increase your income from servicing through the use of products from JLM Lubricants

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so here are three effective ways to boost workshop revenues using JLM Lubricants’ range of trade trusted- and-trade- tested diesel and petrol additives and toolkits. Thousands of mechanics worldwide are already reaping the rewards. It’s time to join them.

Offer an interim vehicle check up with some added TLC

For motorists who deferred their MOTs last year contact them now offering a vehicle spring health check.  As well as the usual safety checks use JLM’s professional fuel additives to give the engine a thorough spring clean - especially important for diesel vehicles on short journeys during the pandemic.

Launch a dedicated DPF check-up and cleaning service

Prevention is better than cure so checking the DPF will identify any developing problems.  A blocked DPF is often a symptom of an engine problem so advising your customer of your findings will generate additional work.  Check-up complete, a dose of JLM’s DPF ReGen plus, or Diesel Extreme Clean for the less loved vehicles, will leave your customer with a healthier engine and less chance of a catastrophic and costly failure.

Introduce a JLM additive bundle with special time limited offers

For example, a four-pack of the JLM Petrol Emission Reduction Treatment gives a customer 12 months’ worth of professional quality additive to keep their engine, injectors and CAT in tip top condition.  When they’ve used the final bottle, remind them it’s time to come back for their check-up or service. Don’t forget the voucher or special VIP discount you gave them at the same time as selling the product bundle.

Goodies up for grabs

For a chance to win a superb JLM goody pack including a limited-edition bobble hat, professional workshop gloves and more, email with your name and business details quoting AFMFEB21.  Kalimex will draw five names at random on 28 February. Winners will be notified by email.

For more info on JLM or call Kalimex on 0800 783 3717 or visit

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