Bundle! Delphi Technologies ADAS offer launched

Published:  01 February, 2021

Garages looking to gear up for ADAS can now take advantage of some bundle offers from Delphi Technologies on its recently-launched modular ADAS calibration kit, with a two-day training course included with each bundle.

“Delphi Technologies’ ADAS modular kit works seamlessly with the existing DS Diagnostic tablet and software,” said a spokesman.  “It provides an initial provision for 284 models with camera calibration and 146 models with radar calibration. More applications will continue to be added.

“The ADAS Rig Bundle – comprising of the ADAS Car Rig CRC 150, two target board and two days’ training – is now £8,160 instead of £8,340. The ADAS DS150 Bundle adds the DS150E Hardware and DS150E/450E 1-year car subscription for a total of £9,995 – representing a saving of £300. Finally, the ADAS DS450 Bundle comprises the ADAS Rig Bundle, plus the DS450E Tablet , VCI & 1-year car software, and costs £10,995 – offering a saving of £475 over the normal price of £11,470.”

The bundles are available until 31 December 2021. For further information visit www.delphiautoparts.com

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