Nissens expands A/C with TVX

Thermal expansion valves have been added to the Nissens A/C range

Published:  22 March, 2021

Nissens Automotive has expanded its AC parts offering with the introduction of a thermal expansion valve (TXV) range.
The new TXV range has been available to UK parts distributors since November 2020, and will be available to AC installers from February. Jonas Evald Kristensen, Product Manager, Climate Comfort System, at Nissens commented on the move: “Our development approach behind the expansion valves launch was, among others, determined by two important measures. Both are for the clear benefit of the aftermarket at all levels. First, by the aim of offering the widest range of different components in the system, hence making it possible for distributors to benefit from an extensive replacement parts programme, available from one supplier. In addition, by maximising the vehicle parc coverage of the assorted offering, we help our customers to enhance their competitiveness, so they can provide an even more suitable and comprehensive solution to fulfil the needs of the market.
“The second measure was aimed at installers, to ensure they undertake the correct A/C service. The proper fitting procedure of other costly system components, such as the A/C compressor, can now more easily be followed, as the valve replacement is one of the key steps in the process. Additionally, Nissens’ TXV is a First-Fit product and is equipped with all the necessary installation parts, so the technician does not have to spend extra time to find the O-rings or mounting bolts needed for the replacement.”

Despite its small size, the expansion valve plays a crucial role in securing the system’s working parameters. It is therefore important that the valve operates accurately in a specific way, as determined by the particular system design. It is also recommended that the valve should always be replaced during the installation of a new compressor. Christos Saka, Quality Engineer at Nissens Automotive, explained:“When developing the Nissens TXV, we placed great emphasis on ensuring its proper work performance. It must correspond to the parameters of the vehicles’ A/C system. As an OE replacement, the valve should operate, i.e., regulate the flow and pressure of the refrigerant, in exactly the same way as the OE part installed at the factory. Therefore, we ensure that the valve’s function, and all its key components are rigorously tested.
“The valve itself also undergoes numerous quality tests including function, performance, fitting, durability, and tightness validation. All this to ensure a perfect match with the characteristics of the OE valve, and thus the optimal working parameters of the air-conditioning system, and the Nissens technology centre in Germany contributed greatly to this process.”  He added: “Combined with the extensive efforts of the entire engineering team involved in the project, we could design and utilise advanced test stands for the valve and the examination of the components. Applying genuine Nissens quality standards, we have developed a top-notch replacement part for reliable A/C system performance and safe, trouble-free operation of the A/C compressor.”

The initial release of the Nissens TXV range includes more than 60 reference numbers, covering more than 275 OE numbers and caters for the most popular car, van and truck applications. To learn more, visit:

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