The price of inactivity: Car repair spending surges in lockdown

Published:  18 February, 2021

Despite lower mileage being accrued during lockdown, drivers have continued to spend on car repairs, new data analysis has shown, with a 104% spike in coil spring replacements among the headline figures.

The data, from online repair marketplace ClickMechanic, found that a variety of vehicle repairs have spiked in the recent lockdown. Alongside coil springs, rear brake shoes repairs increased by 86% and battery replacements grew by 33%.

Andrew Jervis, CEO of ClickMechanic, said: “Coil springs have been found to be more vulnerable to damage during winter months and colder weather. In most instances, it might be impossible to notice a broken coil spring unless the vehicle is lifted during a service. However, in some cases, a driver can notice something is amiss with the suspension when the vehicle is noticeably lower on one side, there is uneven steering, or if there are rattles and knocks when going over uneven road surface.

“An increase in rear shoes sticking on is  a result of vehicles being left idle for an extended period of time. Common symptoms include the hand brake not working properly, the car pulling to the right or left under braking, or the car becoming unstable under braking.”

Andrew concluded: “Owing to the lockdown and colder weather, many cars have not been used as regularly which has led to a host of complications - including repairs many UK motorists might not have anticipated otherwise.”

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