Schaeffler flips the switch on electric motor mass production

Published:  25 February, 2021

EV ascendency took another step forward recently as Schaeffler started mass production of a wide range of electric motors, ranging from single components through to complete drive systems.

The news follows a move by the company in 2018 to set-up a dedicated E-Mobility division.

Electric axle transmissions have been mass produced since 2017. Schaeffler electric axle transmissions are used on both axles for all-wheel drive capability in the Audi e-tron. Meanwhile, the Porsche Taycan is fitted with a Schaeffler coaxial electric axle transmission to provide the required transmission ratio on the front axle. Schaeffler has also secured multiple orders for its complete 3-in-1 electric axles, which combine the electric motor, drive unit and power electronics in a single system.

This year will see the start of the mass production of hybrid modules, hybrid drive units and all-electric axle transmissions. Schaeffler has also announced a mass production order for electric motors featuring wave winding technology.

From 2024, Schaeffler will deliver a twin electric motor and transmission unit with integrated power electronics. A system power rating of 120 kW delivers sports-car like performance combined with low fuel consumption.

“We are making excellent progress,” says Dr. Jochen Schröder, President of the E-Mobility business division. Our modular product portfolio enables us to offer tailored mass-production solutions to meet any customer requirement.”

Matthias Zink, CEO Automotive Technologies at Schaeffler AG added: “We have been involved in electric mobility for more than 20 years, so we understand the requirements of the drivetrain. Our innovation capacity as a global automotive and industrial supplier, plus our strong industrial skills, make us a preferred partner for our customers.”

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