DVSA urges motorists to make it SAFE

Published:  10 March, 2021

With schools now open again as lockdown is gradually eased, the DVSA has launched a campaign to urge motorists to make sure they are SAFE in their vehicle by doing four basic pre-drive checks:
• Service or health check if needed
• Air in tyres
• Fill up screenwash
• Examine lights and tyre tread

The campaign has been created as result of a lack of vehicle maintenance taking place over the last 12 months. DVSA data shows that between April and December 2020, over 650,000 defects related to windscreen washers/screenwash and nearly 1.3m defects related to tyre tread.For some defects, DVSA also saw increases in the number recorded compared to the same period in 2019. These were:

• Tyres which were obviously under-inflated:102% increase
• Seriously defective or missing headlamps: 5% increase
• Slightly defective headlamp reflectors or lenses: 3% increase
• Tyres with deep cuts: 8.2% increase

DVSA’s Head of MOT Policy, Chris Price, said: “As schools return, some motorists will need to use their cars more often than they have been recently. With more traffic on the road, we want to help everyone to keep their vehicle safe to drive.That’s why we’re urging all motorists to carry out some simple, visual checks before they get on the road again. And for those who are unsure about any issues, we recommend a professional check at a local garage for peace of mind.”

He added: “Although schools are back, we encourage everyone else to continue to stay at home, except for essential journeys. Checking items like tyres, lights and screenwash could also help to avoid some of the common issues reported at MOT. When driving, people should follow safer travel guidance, including not sharing a car with anyone outside of their household or support bubble.”

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