Car scrapping up by a third

Published:  22 March, 2021

Older cars have been leaving the road at an alarming rate last year, with new figures suggesting that a third more cars were scrapped in 2020 compared with the year before. 

The research was conducted by Scrap Car Network, and shows 10,000 more cars were scrapped in the past two years, with a record 37,000 cars scrapped last year.

Birmingham led the way with 3,600 cars scrapped throughout 2020, followed by Manchester at 2,296, Liverpool on 1,964, Newcastle on 1,909 and in fifth place Glasgow with 1,812. The North West was the region of the country that scrapped the most cars last year with over 18,329 cars over the period accounting for 33% of all cars that were no longer needed.

Scrap Car Network MD Tazamul Sarodia said: “As the pandemic took its grip last year and people were forced to work from home, or sadly, lost their jobs or were furloughed, a trend has emerged showing that people have rethought the use of their vehicles.

“We’ve been the busiest we have ever been with people scrapping their cars in droves. As working from home has become the norm, drivers are seeing less and less need for their vehicles, plus with more people moving away from cities to more rural villages, the car isn’t seen as essential as it once was. We also found that unfortunately, scrapping a car for some has been a source of income to tide them over as job losses hit.”

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