Drivers seeking payment flexibility from garages post-lockdown, research suggests

Published:  09 April, 2021

Research suggests that drivers will be looking for garages to offer greater flexibility in how they pay for servicing and repairs post-lockdown.

2,635 vehicle owners were polled by Bumper, the new name for Auto Service Finance, during the latest lockdown. The survey found customers concerned about being presented with expensive bills, especially for work deferred by the pandemic. 58% cited cost as a main concern, with inconvenience an issue for 3%. 36% said it was a combination of both.

The research also identified the current preferred method of payment among owners was evenly split between 40% preferring debit cards and 38% opting for credit cards
However, when asked what size bill would prompt them to pay by using interest-free credit instead, 38% said they would use it for any amount. 27% said they would use it for bills costing over £250, 22% for bills over £500 and 13% for bills over £750.

Bumper’s CEO and co-founder James Jackson commented: “Our research shows how consumer attitudes towards servicing and repair work has changed with customers now expecting greater flexibility in how they pay. Car owners are used to spreading many of their motoring costs, so the ability to buy-now-pay-later would remove some of the pain typically associated with paying for services and repairs.”

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