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Published:  20 April, 2021

Bridgestone – now recognised as a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions – has received a number of positive test results in recent times for its product range, which has been simplified and revitalised in the past two years.
Notably, the new Potenza Sport, the Turanza T005, the Weather Control A005 EVO and the Duravis All Season van tyre are recent additions to the line-up and all (bar the Potenza Sport and Duravis) benefit from Bridgestone’s unique DriveGuard run-flat technology, which allows motorists to keep on moving for 50 miles, at speeds up to 50mph, after a puncture.

In a nod to the past, Bridgestone has leant on its many years of motorsport experience to produce the Potenza Sport, which is arriving at dealers shortly having been revealed in December 2020. This next generation tyre represents a new standard in premium, high-end sports performance, providing best-in-class performance in the dry supported by a premium wet package.
Tested by TÜV SÜD, one of Europe’s most respected independent automotive testing institutes, Potenza Sport achieves the best performance in both dry braking (shortest braking distance on a dry surface) and cornering and straight-line stability (maintaining vehicle stability when travelling both in a straight line and through a curve) versus competitors in the premium segment. With an EU label A-grade in wet grip across its full line-up and deemed best performer in wet cornering and handling in further tests performed by TÜV SÜD as well, Bridgestone Potenza Sport also offers outstanding wet performance. In a huge early coup for the product, it has been selected as the exclusive original equipment tyre for the Lamborghini Huracán STO supercar, as well as long-time partner Maserati’s MC20 supercar.
For the present, and so much snow, frost and ice to negotiate in recent times, Bridgestone’s latest Duravis All Season van tyre is also being seen as a crucial piece in the overall product jigsaw, which boasts an ‘A’ rating in wet handling.
Like the Weather Control A005 EVO consumer tyre, the Duravis All Season has been designed to deliver year-round control, safety, and convenience, using Bridgestone’s advanced, high silica NanoPro-tech compound technology. Bridgestone has combined the compound with a new mixing technology that improves its silica dispersion to give the A005 EVO excellent fuel efficiency and enhance its overall snow potential.

When looking to the future, Bridgestone’s commitment to providing sustainable mobility and advanced solutions can be seen in the fact that around 30% of all new OE fitments developed by Bridgestone EMIA in 2020 were created specifically for EVs. From its ologic technology, created specifically for BMW’s all-electric i3, to the pioneering ENLITEN Technology, Bridgestone has always supported the development of EVs through groundbreaking tyre technologies. As well as shaping a sustainable future of mobility in its product output, Bridgestone is showing equal commitment to investing in greener practices in the development of those products, as 2020 proved.
Virtual Tyre Modelling represents the future of tyre development at Bridgestone, and its already in use today. The technology enables Bridgestone to create a digital twin of the tyre at its development stage, reducing the volume of physical prototype tyres, and subsequently raw materials, needed, and cutting the product development time by up to 50%. Thanks to Bridgestone’s continued advancement and application of the technology in 2020, 20% fewer experimental tyres were used in the development phase of OE tyres in EMIA from 2019. Furthermore, thanks again to the use of Virtual Tyre Modelling and the rise of indoor testing, Bridgestone EMIA reduced the distance of its fleet tests for OE by 25% from 2019 to 2020.
We’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible in engineering to deliver new cutting-edge products that are developed in more advanced and sustainable ways to offer a superior performance. In our Turanza T005, Weather Control A005 EVO, Duravis All Season and Potenza Sport we do believe we have one of the most impressive consumer product portfolios in the marketplace today. It’s also great that we’ve been able to work in partnership with the world’s leading car manufacturers to meet our collective environmental goals and shape a more sustainable future of mobility, via our ENLITEN technology.

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