MOT connectivity: Emissions analysers rollout to begin

Published:  19 April, 2021

The roll-out of connected MOT equipment by DVSA is continuing, with emissions analysers the latest equipment type requiring connectivity going forward. From 1 May, anyone buying an exhaust gas analyser or diesel smoke meter will need to make sure it is a model that can connect to the MOT testing service. This applies to garages replacing equipment, Authorised Examiners taking over another site and any new garage receiving approval to carry out MOTs.

Last year, the connectivity roll-out was put on hold as a response to the impact of COVID-19 on the sector. Commenting on the resumed roll-out, DVSA Head of MOT Policy Chris Price said: “We paused the introduction of connectable equipment last year to help garages manage their businesses through the pandemic, as well as the impact of MOT exemptions. As part of our recovery of the MOT service, we’ve been working with equipment manufacturers over the last few months to introduce connectable exhaust gas analysers and diesel smoke meters to further modernise the test.”

Chis added: “After reinstating the grace period for connected equipment installation in December 2020, we wanted to give garages enough time to review their requirements around connected equipment before bringing in emissions analysers.”

Connectable equipment is not mandatory, but according to DVSA, some garages have started to replace their existing non-connected equipment. In a 2020 survey, around one in seven garages told DVSA they were using some form of connected equipment.

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