Continental plugs in with new EV and hybrid training offering

Published:  04 June, 2021

Continental Automotive and is set to offer a full EV and hybrid training programme from its Birmingham, following the receipt of IMI Centre status.

Stuart West, Tachograph Product Manager and Training Centre Co-ordinator at Continental Automotive commented: “With a full range of courses already available, we feel we offer a comprehensive training solution for any garage or workshop. But, as the IMI has already pointed out, there is a serious deficit in the number of automotive technicians trained to work on electric and hybrid vehicles – latest data suggests just 5% are currently qualified. We have, therefore, invested in enhancing our training to bring these new technologies into scope to support automotive professionals who want to enhance their skills, and give motorists confidence that their electric and hybrid vehicles can be serviced and maintained safely.We are delighted to be able to continue to support the automotive industry in offering courses that lead the automotive world into the future of transportation.“

Continental is aiming to introduce a full electric and hybrid vehicle training program, delivered in person at the Continental Automotive headquarters in Birmingham, from this month (June 2021), which will compliment its current training courses.

The courses are expected to range from one to three days and cover Awareness, Routine Maintenance, Repair and Replacement and Diagnosis. There is the opportunity to attend the full set of courses or just one or two to suit the garage requirements.

All the electric and hybrid vehicle training courses will be regulated by OFQUAL and quality assured by the IMI as the Awarding organisation – once qualified, technicians receive a nationally recognised certificate.

IMI CEO Steve Nash added: “Despite the current challenges in the market, the automotive sector must be ready for the zero emission targets being set – and that means there will continue to be a focus on those who have the capabilities to work on high voltage vehicles. With IMI TechSafe accreditation, the new training being delivered by Continental Automotive will give the technicians a real opportunity to get ahead of the game. IMI TechSafe is a standard to highlight those in the sector who have achieved qualifications and accreditations to work on electrical systems in hybrid and electric vehicles. IMI TechSafe offers reassurance to motorists that qualified and accredited technicians can work safely and compliantly on high voltage electrical systems. Anyone working on high voltages must be competent (as per the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989).“

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