BM Catalysts joins Parliamentary road air quality commission

Published:  21 June, 2021

BM Catalysts has become am affiliated member of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality (WCRAQ), set-up to improve air quality in the UK.

BM Catalysts has been raising awareness of the issue in the automotive aftermarket in recent months, led by the complexities of type approval legislation and the rising price of Platinum Group Metals used in the production of catalytic converters.

Toby Massey, Managing Director, BM Catalysts, said: “Air quality is an issue the automotive aftermarket can no longer ignore and the industry has a responsibility to clean up its act on harmful emissions.

“We are extremely pleased to have joined the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality. It’s been very clear, following our early discussions, that the spotlight is on our trade and so everyone in the supply chain – manufacturers, parts distributors and garages – have an important role to play in ensuring the products they supply and fit are legal and function correctly.”

The Commission, headed up by Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman, consists of six working parties, which provide quarterly reports for the All-Parliamentary Clean Air Group.

Barry Sheerman MP added: “According to the World Health Organisation air pollution kills an estimate of about seven million people per year around the world. This number is shocking but, more importantly, it’s also preventable. By taking a deep look into one of the biggest sources of air pollution – road transport – this Commission will take an important step in solving one of the biggest health and environmental issues of our time.”

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