Preparing for the MOT wave

By Anthony McAteer, Trading Director at LKQ Euro Car Parts |

Published:  27 July, 2021

LKQ Euro Car Parts suggests how garages can adapt to the new MOT demand curve 

The events of the last 18 months have had a huge impact on the traditional MOT demand curve, and it will likely be several years before the peak you used to be able to set your watch by – in line with new vehicle registrations in March – is restored.

While this has meant uncertainty, it has also created opportunity. Nearly three quarters of the MOTs that were due in the first months of the pandemic were deferred to the autumn – and will soon be due again, on top of those that are always carried out later in the year. Garages can capitalise on this demand by taking a few simple but crucial steps.

Proactive booking

With the surge in demand for MOTs not expected to start until September or October, garages can get ahead now. Actively reaching out to customers whose tests will be due is a great way to get more booked in – putting every hour of billable time in the workshop to good use. It’s also important not to forget that customers can get their MOT done up to a month before its due date. Starting early will help garages manage their workload and bring in more business over a longer period. There are free, downloadable marketing materials on our Omnihub, for garages to share across their networks and help spread the word.

Data-based decision making
Data has an important role to play in helping garages keeping on top of their workload.
HaynesPro helps them to manage and schedule multiple jobs, accurately estimate labour costs and identify the right parts – making it easier to manage capacity and cashflow during times of high demand. Up to four users can simultaneously use the system, meaning there’s no waiting around while others are logged in.

Slick garage management
Garage management software is an important tool, especially when there’s more work than usual to stay on top of, and new and existing customers to impress.
Our solution, CarSys, actually uses HaynesPro data to help technicians on the workshop floor – but that’s just part of the story.
Garage management software like CarSys can also enhance stock management, parts ordering and quoting and invoicing – allowing garages to maximise billable time, streamline the way they work and enhance the customer experience they offer.

The right level of resource
If garages have total clarity and control over demand, workload and scheduling, they can identify whether more staff are needed – especially if a member of their team wants to take a long-awaited holiday at the critical moment!
Being able to bring in highly skilled replacements is key, to ensure garages don’t have to turn work away or keep customers waiting.

That’s why we recommend Autotech Recruit, which can provide pre-screened, highly skilled technicians for temporary or permanent placements – the ideal solution when the MOT wave hits.

A focus on training
As well as being a legal requirement, having highly trained, qualified testers means every MOT is carried out efficiently and to a high standard.

Every year, testing standards undergo vital changes that are put in place to aid safety and drive quality. If technicians aren’t up to date, they might overlook key details that could put their customers and other drivers at risk – arguably doubly important at the moment when you consider the impact of lockdown on vehicles, many of which might be in a poorer condition than typically expected. We offer IMI-approved MOT training – both full annual CPD and routine refresher courses through our AutoEducation Academy. These courses can easily be accessed online – or we offer classroom-based, practical programmes.

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